March 14, 2023

Check If There Is Nothing Prohibited in Your Parcel to Estonia 

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Are you going to send a package to Estonia? Make sure there is nothing prohibited in it!

Meest delivery service enters the international market. The company has full-fledged departments in the USA and all European countries. However, when shipping to Estonia, consider additional rules. As Meest experts inform, there are items you can send through customs and cannot. Find the complete list of prohibited items on

Things I Can’t Send to Another Country

According to the law, weapons, explosives, money and currency, animals, narcotic and psychotropic substances, and perishable products cannot be sent in parcels.

  • The Universal Postal Convention (agreement on the requirements for international postal items) prohibits forwarding someone else’s correspondence and pirated materials.
  • Restrictions may also be related to the method of delivery. For example, by air mail, it is forbidden to ship a package to Estonia with aerosols, fire extinguishers, fireworks, and other flammable substances, including matches and some alcohol-containing liquids.
  • A security passport is required for any liquid and powder. This is the only way they can be sent to another country.
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How Do They Find Out that Something Forbidden Is Inside the Parcel?

All parcels for shipping to Estonia are examined with the help of X-ray machines, metal detectors, gas detectors, and other equipment. Meest experts check all the boxes at all stages to detect prohibited substances and objects. They are obliged to do so, according to the law.

How to Pack My Parcel Properly?

The main requirement is the strength of the packaging. Content must be securely fastened. For this, you need to use a filler – paper or plastic. Cardboard or corrugated paper shavings, special cardboard fasteners, crumpled newspapers, foam, foam, or foamed polyethylene are suitable. Keep in mind that the filler’s weight is also considered when shipping.

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How Long Does Shipping to Estonia from the USA Take?

It depends on the destination and the period when you send your package. For example, before the holidays, the load on delivery services traditionally increases, so the parcel may take a little longer. By sea transport, delivery usually takes longer than by air.

Meest sends parcels, including by airmail, so that the delivery will take a maximum of a few weeks, and the package will be delivered to the recipient.

How to check that Everything Is Okay with My Parcel?

Don’t let your package out of your sight! For customers not to worry, a unique track number is assigned to the shipment. With such a track number on the Meest service’s website, you can track all the main stages of your shipment’s journey.

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Terms, costs, and the list of prohibited items for international shopping should be clarified directly with the Meest manager by mail or phone.

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