February 25, 2023

Does Stretching Burn Calories? 

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A rare representative of the weaker sex, before choosing the type of training, does not care about how beneficial it will affect her figure. Stretching is no exception – you can not only bring your body into excellent physical shape but also monitor how many calories are burned per hour of exercise. It’s better to start with a general understanding: what kind of training it is, whom it suits, what is interesting, and what results should be expected. To add more, The Forbes website has an expert article on why you should introduce scratching into your daily life.

How Many Calories Are Burned per Hour of Stretching?

If you want not just to lose weight, but to activate your metabolism, get rid of cellulite and salt deposits, then stretching will be the best option. You can train with any type of physique, regardless of the number of extra pounds and age. And this is a significant plus – not everyone dares to do serious physical exertion in the absence of an appropriate form.

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Stretching does not belong to the category of intensive training, you should not expect radical energy losses from it. The energy barrier varies from 150 to 200 kilocalories per hour of training. Specific figures are directly related to metabolism, starting body weight, and the degree of metabolic intensity. The easiest way to get such information is when using special fitness bracelets.

Stretching Compared to Other Types of Training

Relaxing workouts, which include not only stretching but also pilates, yoga and several other training exercises that involve stretching exercises, are effective in their own way of losing weight. Calorie consumption due to reduced activity is less than that of aerobic types of exercise, however, they have their own specifics: working out the deep layers of muscles allows you to activate the densest fat reserves and force the body to part with them. If we add to this the prolonged effect of training, which lasts up to several tens of hours, it becomes obvious that hundreds of calories spent on stretching are not so few.

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Compared to static yoga, stretching without increased intensity will help you spend about 150 kcal. Pilates classes are slightly higher, during which about 200 calories are burned. The greater the weight and the more unusual the load, the higher the energy consumption. Among other things, in addition to the food consumed, you can also record all workouts in the calorie calculator.

You Burn Calories in More Amounts During Intense Workouts

When using a pole, stretching classes become more intense, which increases their effectiveness. Due to postures that are not typical for everyday life, the load increases. The emphasis is not only on stretching the muscles but also on maintaining the posture itself, which is not always easy.

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As a rule, intensive stretching helps burn calories in the amount of 250 per hour (and even more). If the duration of the workout is shorter, this figure decreases. In terms of the intensity of kilocalorie expenditure, stretching can be compared with walking, but in the latter case there is no deep muscle work, so the conclusion is that the not always pronounced effect is associated with the number of calories lost. The higher the level of preparedness and the easier the exercises are, the less energy is expended.

What Will Be Required for Classes?

Another advantage of training is that they do not require special equipment. The most important thing is that the clothes are comfortable and do not restrict movement. But at the same time, you should not choose shapeless things like hoodies. The best option is knitted leggings, a T-shirt, or a top. They follow the contours of the silhouette but do not interfere with difficult poses. The more comfortable your clothes are, the easier it will be to burn calories.

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Shoes should also be soft, hard-soled sneakers will not work. It is convenient to train in Czech shoes or slippers with elastic soles. If there is nothing suitable, knitted socks will do. By the way, there is an opinion that its effectiveness depends on comfort during training: a positive attitude contributes to the release of hormones that help burn calories (and fat, of course).


Proper stretching is more than just touching your toes with your fingertips. There are methods and techniques that help you make the most of stretching to increase muscle elasticity, improve joint flexibility, and minimize the risk of injury. As you already understood, all these methods and techniques are combined into a single system. This sport is a great way to increase muscle tone, strengthen the skeletal system, and improve your metabolism in general. Even if you burn calories in small amounts, scratching will not be as high, but in combination with proper nutrition, the result of losing weight will be visible in the first weeks.

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