January 21, 2023

Dresses for Tall Girls: How to Choose a Suitable Model 

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In fashion, tall height is considered a standard of beauty. However, a too-tall girl often faces difficulties when choosing a party gown.

What Dresses are Suitable for Tall Girls?

Looking through the collections of fashion brands, it may seem that all dresses suit tall girls. However, in reality, everything turns out to be somewhat different, and the choice of the most feminine party gown largely depends on the nuances of the figure.

As a rule, tall girls are distinguished by slender figures. If the slimness does not cross the border of excessive thinness, choosing a perfect party gown for women is practically unlimited. Models of almost any length and style suit girls with this type of figure.

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How to Choose a Party Gown for Your Body Type

It is much more challenging to choose dresses for tall and thin girls. Such dresses must simultaneously perform several tasks:

  • Firstly, they emphasize the slenderness of the silhouette,
  • Secondly, they give the figure the necessary feminine roundness while not visually increasing the height.
  • Long floor-length, midi-length, and free-cut sheath dresses from Milla Dress shop perfectly cope with these tasks.

When choosing ladies’ party wear dresses, you must also consider the physique’s peculiarities. If the upper part of the body is longer than the lower part, it is better to choose models with a high waist, which will smooth out the disproportion of the figure and give the silhouette the necessary shape. At the same time, there should be some accent at the waist level: a wide belt, drapery, fabric folds, etc.

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How to Choose a Dress for a Tall, Curvy Girl

When choosing dresses for tall and curvy girls, look closely at laconic knee-length models. Loose sheath dresses for plus-size women, dresses with a trapezoidal hem, and A-line dresses look great on this figure. Also, long skirts to the floor are suitable for full and tall girls, but the hem of such an outfit should be smooth.

Where to Buy Evening Dresses?

In our Milla online shopping party dress, we give photos, videos, and descriptions of each model under the image. There is also a table with a size grid. In the table, you choose the most suitable size for you. Follow the link, fill out the form and send it to us.

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If you have difficulty choosing between two dresses, we will tell you about their particular fit relative to your figure. If we see that some details of the dress may not suit you, we will notify you and offer something in return.

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