Writing and working with documents can be complicated, especially if you are working with an unfamiliar file type. For many people, PDFs seem strange. You can’t write on them directly with a word processor and they are generally hard to use for people who are not used to working with them. This doesn’t need to be the case though as PDFs are simple to work with if you have the right tools. The main thing that you will need is an online PDF editor. If you have a solid PDF editor, then there is no limit to what you can do with a PDF. Although PDFs are different from other file types, that doesn’t mean that they should be overlooked; moreover, having experience with PDF editors will open a lot of doors in the business world.

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Opportunities of editing PDFs online


If you have a solid PDF editor, and a firm understanding of how to use it, you will be presented with several opportunities. Like any other skill, having the right tools elevates you. With these new skills and tools though you will be able to complete complex tasks such as building a PDF from scratch. This also means that you can make fillable PDF documents such as those in a doctor’s office. In addition to this, you will also be able to compile reports using some of the other PDF editing tools such as the merge and split tool. Having these abilities will greatly enhance your potential for success.

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How to redact PDF online


When working with PDFs, it is important to keep files secure. As data security has become a major feature of international business, keeping files secure is paramount. For this, the PDF excels compared to other document types. It does this through a variety of security tools such as the e-sign tool that lets you sign documents, as well as the encrypt feature that protects your document. Lastly, by using the redact tool, you can select certain texts within a PDF to redact. This can protect people as well as information. These tools are great, but which PDF editors offer them, and which PDF editors are the best?

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Top 8 PDF editors online


  1. Adobe – Probably the most popular PDF editor in the world, Adobe Acrobat excels in many areas. In particular, Adobe Acrobat is popular due to the many tools and utilities that it offers. While Adobe Acrobat is expensive, for businesses, this isn’t a major price to pay for having a top-notch PDF editor to work with. The only other issue with Adobe Acrobat is the steep learning curve.
  2. Foxit PDF Editor – Although not as popular or as well known as Adobe Acrobat, Foxit in many ways is just as good with a lower price tag. This is ideal for the private user who does not have the backing of a company’s budget. Foxit does not have all the tools of Adobe, but it has the major ones that most people would like to use. This makes it a great choice for most.
  3. Lumin PDF – Lumin PDF is a popular online PDF editor that comes with all the standard features plus some extra. One of the defining aspects of Lumin PDF is its shareability. Lumin PDF can be used with Google Drive, and you can directly work with files from there. In a business, this can be extremely useful since many companies use Google Suite and by extension Google Drive as a place, they can manage and store their files.
  4. SmallPDF – SmallPDF is a major PDF editor, and it is common to see both in the office and academic settings. SmallPDF does come with a large price tag, but it is worth the money in terms of quality and the tools offered. In addition to this, SmallPDF is a little bit easier to use than some other PDF editors on this list.
  5. PDFelement – The beauty of word to PDF element is it is an easy to use interface. There might be some more useful PDF editors but PDFelement might be the most attractive in terms of interface and usability. This is no small thing since it makes it easier for new users to dive in. For companies that have to train many people how to document their work, PDFelement is a great option. PDFelement does offer more than a pretty face though as it is a versatile device with many options.
  6. PDFfiller – Some PDF editors are specialized and for specific purposes. PDFfiller is one of these. PDFfiller is specialized in filling out PDFs quickly and efficiently. This is great for offices that have to sort through a lot of data and have to fill out many forms. A good example of this would be a doctor’s office where a nurse might need to fill out a form with a patient’s data in a short time.
  7. Sejda – Much like Foxit PDF editor, Sejda PDF is a good value buy in terms of features and what you can do with a PDF editor. There is a free version as well but very limited in terms of what it can do. Sejda PDF also has a shorter learning curve when compared to Adobe Acrobat. This makes it easier for people to jump in and start working.
  8. Soda PDF – This is another great PDF editor with a great interface. Soda PDF offers a no-frills experience that has a great tool to price ratio compared to some other PDF editors. This is great for people who are on a budget. Soda PDF’s easy-to-use system also makes it very easy to understand how to use all of the tools they offer.
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These are not all of the PDF editors that you can choose from, but these are the major ones on the market. In truth, none of these are bad options. When choosing which PDF editor is right for you, read about them and understand which tools you need, and you will be able to edit and work on a PDF successfully.

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