Accidental deletion or formatting of storage devices might result in data loss. However, the Photo recovery program can help you recover your photos. It instantly identifies and displays all of the photos, audio, and video files that can be recovered. For SD cards, storage devices, and hard drives, this powerful utility ensures that your precious images are recovered in no time.

Add File Headers Option

The possibility to add new file headers to the list of current music, video and picture file categories is provided by Stellar Photo Recovery.

Users who employ new, unique multimedia file types (which are not included in the normal file list) may easily retrieve the relevant file types with this tool. Drag and drop is all that is required for you to add file headers using this option, making it a breeze to use.

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Interfaces that are Easy to use for Everyone

Operating the tool is simply because of the product’s simple to use interactive and follow user interface. The overall experience has also been made easier with the inclusion of several user-friendly features. Multiple views for scanning findings, a preview of recoverable photographs, audio and video files, the ability to add or alter file headers, and more are all included in these choices.

Raw Recovery is Supported

Even if you use the regular and advanced scan settings, the RAW recovery capability is still useful if your desired files aren’t found. Recovering photos that have been erased using this method relies on the file signature recognition concept. In order to give the finest picture recovery service, Stellar Photo Recovery is able to identify a wide variety of file signatures. CR2 /CRW, NEF, NRW, RAF, ORF, ERF, K25 /KDC /DCR, PEF, SR2, ARW, SRF, and many more are supported file formats.

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Get your Deleted or lost Photographs back!

All of your lost or destroyed multimedia data (photos, audios, movies, etc.) may be recovered with Stellar Photo Recovery’s trustworthy and comprehensive program.

Recover large Storage Devices up to 6 TB in Size with this feature

In order to use this Do-It-Yourself photo recovery software, all one needs to do is download the software and install it onto the computer.

1. Choose the drive or media from which you wish to recover data. 2. Click the Recover button.

2. Begin scanning the chosen media or drive

To begin data recovery, save the scan findings and press the recovery button.

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Scan Data may be Saved and Recovered at a later time

It is possible to preserve the directory tree structure that is created following a drive or volume scan using the image recovery software from Stellar. You may use this file to re-create the tree structure of detected files and directories, or you can store it and come back to it later on. For example, you may either stop scanning at any moment and store the current results, or you can select to preserve the results of the whole operation.

Make a copy of the Media you’ve chosen

Internal and external drives/media get faulty sectors with time and use. Data on the device is often rendered unavailable as a result of this kind of damage. In order to preserve the data on the remaining good sectors, you may generate a sector-by-sector picture of the media using the Stellar photo recovery program. The program may then utilize this picture to retrieve lost data.

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