July 21, 2022

Futuristic night vision 

The future of the army and a large number of civilian professions is inextricably linked with night vision. This technology is rightfully considered promising and can open up new horizons for people. This direction is gradually developing. Existing products are being improved and new models of equipment are being developed. This process will not slow down in the coming decades, so we are sure to expect a lot of new and interesting things.

Futuristic night vision

The rapid development of NV technology should come as no surprise to anyone. This direction has successfully passed the initial phase of its formation and in the next few years the pace of modernization will only increase. In the near future, futuristic night vision will become available to people, the brainchild of which will be very different from all currently known devices.

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Futuristic directions of modernization:

  1. Creation of universal optics. Modern devices are actively used to perform a wide variety of tasks. Their abilities are used during military operations aimed at defense or attack, reconnaissance missions, security and search and rescue activities, and much more. In the future, they want to use night vision everywhere. Already, there are developments that will help introduce technology in almost all areas of human activity. There are also attempts to create universal optics that will be equally useful for soldiers and ordinary citizens. It will become indispensable in various industries and will help to speed up the execution of tasks as quickly as possible.
  2. Striving for minimalism. Recently, manufacturers of night vision devices are trying to offer customers the most compact and lightweight models. This trend will continue in the future. Thanks to this, in a few years NV devices will become available, which will be much smaller and lighter than those products that exist today. This makes the process of operation and transportation of devices as comfortable as possible for users.
  3. Introduction of wireless devices. Night vision with wireless technology will soon be available to everyone. The appearance of such optics in wide access will be a real revolution. This will help to quickly transmit an image over long distances, remotely control equipment (for example, change settings) and gain access to more functions. All this will make futuristic devices more convenient to use, multifunctional and easily customizable for a specific task. Also, the use of wireless technologies will make the process of information exchange between the devices used faster.
  4. Increasing the speed of work. Today, only the most modern and expensive devices that support night vision technology are able to respond as quickly as possible to user commands and instantly create an image of optimal quality. In a few years, such optics will become available to everyone, since most of its manufacturers, in order to overcome competitors, will try to offer customers equipment with the highest operating speed.
  5. Reliability and durability. All devices manufactured by NV are not examples of reliability. In this regard, many manufacturers pay great attention to improving this indicator. It is expected that futuristic optics will be virtually trouble-free and will be able to effectively cope with their work over a long period. Manufacturers want to achieve this through the use of innovative materials (for the manufacture of important parts and components of the structure), as well as through careful monitoring of each stage of production.
  6. Improving the image. Modern optics provide people with a good quality picture. However, it can be even better several times. In the coming years, noticeable changes are expected in this matter, from increased detail to improved image resolution.
  7. Cost reduction. Night vision is a promising direction in which many millionaires agree to invest a lot of money. In this regard, in 3-5 years, dozens of companies from around the world will start their work, which will be engaged in the manufacture of optics for the night. The result of this will be increased competition in the market, which will inevitably lead to a gradual drop in the cost of manufactured products. In addition, the price reduction will be associated with the appearance on sale of more affordable models designed for average users. Thanks to a good price, everyone will be able to purchase them, regardless of financial capabilities.
  8. Active implementation of the IR spectrum. Infrared sensors on appliances are nothing new. They are still installed on the most modern and expensive devices to improve the quality of the created graphics. However, in the next few years, the use of the IR spectrum will become commonplace. It is expected that they will be complemented by almost all models designed for soldiers and representatives of some other professions.
  9. Replacing the green color. Most modern devices produce a green image. It is considered one of the safest for the eyes and does not cause serious harm to them. However, recent developer research shows that green is not so ideal. With prolonged use of optics, it gradually leads to eye fatigue, which negatively affects their condition and can lead to vision problems in the future. To solve this problem, scientists from different companies suggest replacing green with a more “calm” color. Some manufacturers are already using this innovation, so there is every reason to believe that in 2-3 years they can completely abandon the green color.
  10. Combination. Manufacturers of night vision optics are experimenting a lot with combinations of certain technologies. In our time, there are many options that have been successfully tested and have become useful to humans. In the future, there is a desire to add another combination, providing a combination of thermal imaging and technology for creating a highlighted contour. This option will allow users to see not only a thermal illustration of objects, but also a glowing white outline around them. This option will be effective when observing a large number of people. Thanks to him, it will become clearly visible on the thermal image not a shapeless mass, but the individual contours of each person. This will make identification easier and open access to surveillance of a specific individual.
  11. Augmented reality. This direction is going through a stage of active development in our days. It is gradually being introduced into various fields of activity, but so far its application is not widespread. However, in a few years, augmented reality will be everywhere. Starting from simple video games and ending with optics for the night. Thanks to this, the latter will become an indispensable attribute of army units, as they will give a chance to remotely exchange information (for example, transferring data on the location of soldiers of the enemy army, communicating command orders, and much more). In addition, augmented reality will open up new opportunities for ordinary users. It will make it possible to perform a large number of different jobs and help to avoid the need to purchase additional devices designed to perform a particular task.
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What’s next?

The future of night vision looks promising. It is expected that such technology will become even more accessible to everyone and even people with little financial resources will be able to put it into practice.

In the next few years, representatives of the American army plan to make multi-million orders for the purchase of modern optics. This applies not only to classic night vision, but also to thermal imaging. Such a huge investment will be the basis for further improvement and guarantee the rapid development of the industry. These actions will lead to the inevitable modernization of the American army, which will make it even stronger and give it the opportunity to take another step away from its closest competitors.

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Night vision technology definitely has a future. In a few years, they will be able to reach the peak of their development, but even after that, the process of their improvement will not stop. Thanks to this, soldiers and representatives of various civilian professions will have access to a large number of devices that can solve the problem of poor visibility in the dark. If even more significant progress can be achieved, then futuristic night vision will become available to mankind in the near future and will take its rightful place among other technologies used.

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