April 18, 2024

How to Substantially Grow the Reach of Your Online Business Over the Next 12 Months 

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Regardless of your scope of operations, there is always room for improvement when managing an online business. There may also be times when your ongoing operations seem to have reached a plateau. In such an instance, are there any ways in which you can jumpstart your efforts in order to experience sustainable growth? Let us examine four digital marketing hacks that can make a massive difference.

The Surprising Importance of Domain Name Suffixes

Choosing a relevant, catchy and memorable domain name is one of the best ways to ensure that your business stands out from its counterparts. Still, the process can be tricky. You might not be certain which title to use or a web address may already be in use. One way to avoid these scenarios is to select a free domain that IONOS has to offer. This company can likewise provide additional utilities such as a dedicated email address and SSL encryption.

Collaborate with Others

Yet another strategy involves creating guest posts for other websites that happen to be related to your business or industry. There are two main benefits with this approach:


  • You will increase the online recognition of your brand.


  • In return, others may choose to post on your site.


Guest posting is free, it does not require a great deal of time and it also allows you to passively promote your company (such as through the use of an embedded hyperlink).

The Growing Importance of Augmented Reality

Believe it or not, augmented reality (or AR) is actually already becoming a feature within many business-oriented websites. The intention of this technology is to provide visitors with more in-depth views of what is being offered. From 360-degree perspectives of an apartment for rent or the ability to modify the colour of a dress with the click of a button, augmented reality could soon become the wave of the future.

Never Underestimate the Importance of SEO

Many businesses have yet to fully understand the benefits of SEO. Others are still dubious about how SEO can affect search engine rankings. This is rather unfortunate, as search engine optimisation should represent the cornerstone of any successful venture. SEO comprises a number of discrete concerns and these go far beyond creating readable written content. Here are some other areas that can be addressed:


  • Ensuring that HTML coding is up to date.


  • Researching the latest keywords.


  • Assigning images with the correct tags.


  • Using embedded outbound links.


Furthermore, the rules associated with SEO change from time to time thanks to updates from major search engines such as Google. This is why it is critical to remain one step ahead of the latest recommendations.

One Small Step…

Even with all of these practices in place, it will still take some time to observe their effects. It is therefore better to analyse the success of your business from a monthly or a bi-annual perspective. You can then determine if additional modifications are in order.


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