June 15, 2022

JD.com,Your Chinese Shopping Partner 

JD.com is china’s leading online retail market for consumer goods ranging from foods, electronics, and cosmetics. The company also offers internet services to millions of consumers around the country.


Failure does not define. The billionaire Richard Liu is a good example. After failing in the catering industry, Liu embarked on sales of health products. With time, he abandoned the business to sell computer spares. It was during the SARS epidemic that opened his eyes to the potential in the online business. In 2004, he shifted all his operations online, marking the beginning of his ecommerce venture. Using experiences acquired in his previous ventures, he established one of China’s most influential online retail markets. Over the years, he has exercised skills, professional prowess, and business ventures to transform JD.com to an international level. His commitment to customer service has played a significant role in the development and success of the company.


Over the years, the enterprise has expanded and advanced to serve you better. To reach many people, the company has created networks around the country with stations in all cities to avail your much-needed essentials as fast as you need them. In 2020, the CEO oversaw the company’s relocation to meet its goal in ecommerce and enhance innovation and disruption for the company.


The company has worked very hard to create a reputation for itself. Throughout the Chinese population, it is recognized for quality goods and services in comparison to other retail suppliers. Its products are thoroughly sifted to ensure that only the genuine quality reaches its clients. Its direct sale approach ensures it takes complete control of the entire supply chain, making it easier to control and monitor sales to scrutinize suspicious products in the market.


JD.com never tires of providing for you. The company partners with legit local and international brands interested in the online Chinese market. It collaborates and supports companies to market their products online, provide data management services to target customers and provide logistics and storage services.


Richard Liu states that their objective is to enhance value for businesses, communities, and industries. The company is working on smoothening their supply chain to urgently avail your order and support their partners to maintain fair prices for their products. Its smooth operations have won the hearts of its customers and the entire Chinese population.


The ongoing shopping festival, the 618 Grand Promotion 2022, lasting till the 20th of June, is a shopping experience. Customized with the innovative upgrade in consumer promotion, the event is a big boost for you in this post-COVID era to help you save more money with a fantastic shopping experience.


The company hails its success with its networks of warehouses around the country and upgraded transport and logistics facilities. The company is effortlessly working to boost its adaptive capabilities at all costs. A good example is during the COVID season. The online retailer was able to supply over 80,000 tons of goods in Shanghai and expanded its infrastructure and transport facilities to access more people. Currently, the company operates roughly 1,400 warehouses with perfect logistics systems around the country. Due to the dense supply system, 90% of consumers around towns receive their delivery in less than 24 hours, making it among the fastest and most efficient online retailers in the world. Over the last two years, the company has invested billions of Yuan in smoothening its customer service delivery.


Richard Liu and the entire team are your all-season shopping partner. Their objective is to ensure that you are served conveniently to capacity. Take advantage of the ongoing 618 Grand Promotion to expand your shopping experience. There is something for everyone.


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