July 4, 2022

Learning with Earning 

There was a time when students were allowed to study only and nothing else was allowed for them to do. They used to be given only one aim and that is studying and to perform well in this one aim only. There was a hierarchy at first high school, then intermediate, then graduation and then job and before that no job was allowed by the parents for the students so that concentration level and focus of the students should not be distracted but now the time has changed and students are very career oriented now. Today technology has transformed everything so much that even school managements are using tools like school learning management system and admission management system. Students are not waiting for a particular age or experience or qualification because internet and online education has made it so much easier that students are starting their career meanwhile their studies. Today it is very common to see that students have made a line- “Learning with Earning” their ideal line, following which sometimes some students become already an entrepreneur while completing their graduation. Learning with earning is that principle following which many students have relieved their parents from the worry of their career and have settled their career before completing their education. In my opinion any hard-working person who has zeal to earn can earn money and can make life better. Most important thing is that students these days are concentrating towards earning with their learning with the help of which they are not only lightening the burden of expenditures from their parents’ shoulder’s but also, they can learn some skill set while they are student and can get good career opportunities with the help of their experiences and skills they will learn till they finish their studies. Today no one needs any specific degree for any job or any business, instead one needs to have only zeal and consideration for following his or her dreams with full dedication.

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A student should prepare the study plan for the whole year in a chart and try to differentiate the clusters of whole plants with different colour sketches to look into it and search anything at once. It works as the tools like school learning management system and attendance management system prepare plans for proper school management. Of course, the employers become restless as soon as they hear you are going to study along with your job. Their first priority will be to know about how far you are. Therefore, it is very essential to assure your boss that you can accomplish the goals of the job along with studies.  It is very simple to do, you will have to show them that you can do anything to take care of your job. Do smart work and establish the thought image among the employers that you can sacrifice your holidays for your job also. When a person is studying as well as doing a job, then it often happens that he or she will not have any free time at all. It is absolutely an achievement to manage a job along with studies too but it takes a toll on mental and physical health. Grab some time for physical fitness and mental health too by joining gym and meditation, once in a week take a full body massage to throw out stress, do watch a movie full of comedy and make efforts to have some fun time with family members. Students often neglect his/her health in between these two terms learning and earning which they should not do because they can only be able to maintain their earning and learning when their health will be fit and fine.  Students can also enhance their knowledge level by learning different foreign languages and can get projects of translation online in ample amounts. Lots of governmental and non-governmental organizations are paying a good amount of money for such translation’s projects. A student is a lifetime learner who enhances his knowledge level all the time so share your feelings in the form of a blog. Write your thoughts on your blog and few social media platforms will pay you well for your writing too. Who says share market and trading is only for rich and experienced people? If you have a little amount of money in your pocket and even if you are fresher, then you can start share trading through various share trading apps and websites. Through such efforts gradually you will be able to know how to do learning with earning.

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